Circadia is a five issue limited comic series written by Jennifer Dugan. Stranger Things meets Black Swan, it tells the story of a bi ballerina and her non-binary love interest as they struggle to untangle dreams from reality… while battling a demon on both fronts.

While it tells a single cohesive story, it’s presented anthology style, with a different team of queer women and non-binary artists bringing their unique talents to each issue.

Issue #1 launched successfully in Fall of 2017, and fully funded with all stretch goals unlocked. Check it out here

Issue #2 was successfully funded in spring of 2018! Check it out here

This issue #3 & #4 Kickstarter is live NOW on Kickstarter! Click here to become a backer!

Click the links below to learn more about the amazing artists that are a part of the Circadia team!

Issue 1

Line art: Keezy Young (@keezybees)

Colors: MJ Erickson (@Kreugan)

Letters: Ariana Maher (@CommentAiry)

Cover: Jen Bartel (@heyjenbartel)

Guest Artist (Kickstarter Exclusive print and mini comic): Little Corvus (@little_corvus)

Guest Artist (Kickstarter Exclusive mini comic): Eli Baumgartner (@EliBaum)


Issue 2

Line art: MJ Erickson (@Kreugan)

Colors: MJ Erickson

Letters: Ariana Maher

Cover: Eli Baumgartner (@EliBaum)

Guest Artist: Kendra Wells (@KendraCanDraw)


Issue 3

Line art: Jey Pawlick (@JPDraws)

Colors: Jey Pawlick

Letters: Ariana Maher

Cover: Olivia Stephens (@OliveOilCorp)

Guest Artist: MJ Erickson

Guest Artist: Harriet Moulton (@lesbianravenna)



Issue 4

Line art: Sarah Simes (@allaloam)

Colors: Sarah Simes

Letters: Ariana Maher

Cover: J. Kiakas (@jokingwallbits)



Issue 5

Line art: Eli Baumgartner (@elibaum)

Colors: Eli Baumgartner

Letters: Ariana Maher

Cover: Kiki’ssh (@kikisshh)

Guest Artist: MJ Erickson

Guest Artist: Yoshi Yoshitani (@YoshiSquared)

Guest Artist: Bev Johnson (@beverlylove)

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