Circadia is a 5 part urban fantasy with a queer love story at its heart. Stranger Things meets Black Swan, it tells the story of a queer ballerina and her assassin NB love interest as they struggle to untangle dreams from reality while battling a demon on both fronts.

While it is a single cohesive story, it’s presented anthology style, with a different team of women and non-binary artists bringing their unique skills to each issue.

Issue 1 and 2 are nearly completed and will hit Kickstarter September 2017.

Please visit the Circadia tab for the full list of creators!



When reports of animal attacks rapidly transition into a full scale animal uprising, and life as we know it begins to crumble, manscaped techbaby Wil Evans holes up in his apartment utterly ill equipped to survive the new status quo. With his dog Elvis by his side, armed with only whatever supplies he can scrounge up in his trendy urban loft, Wil realizes that he’s going to have to adapt- and fast- if he wants to survive in a world where so many have already been eaten alive… if only it was that easy.

Gnaw is a planned twelve part horror series by writer/creator Jennifer Dugan and artist Ryan Butt.


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